When we talk about ‘processes’, we mean all the actions on or involving your products and packaging. In this field, too, BCS Coldstore & Logistics is your partner in business.

To rapidly reduce the temperature of fresh products with a view to guaranteeing product quality, BCS Coldstore & Logistics operates various freezing tunnels. In these freezing tunnels, temperatures as low as -50°C can be achieved, at wind speeds of up to 100 km per hour. This freezing procedure can also be employed to extend the shelf life of your goods.

Modern filling line
BCS Coldstore & Logistics operates a modern filling installation for filling fruit juices in various packaging types. This filling process is mainly automated, and offers a capacity of 25,000 litres per hour. Thanks to our years of experience in filling and our excellent contacts with packaging suppliers, we can guarantee high-quality finished products. Let us know your wishes in respect of packaging and labelling, and we will provide a high-quality, tailor-made finished product.

Dump & Blend installation
As well as filling fruit juices, we are also specialists in dumping and blending fruit juices. For this activity we operate a modern dumping and blending installation including 3 blending tanks each of 25,000 litres. The operating capacity of this installation is approx. 25,000 litres per hour. 

Other processes
Repackaging, pallet wrapping, applying slip sheets, additional (new) labelling, order picking, sampling: BCS Coldstore & Logistics will be delighted to provide all or any of these services.