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BCS Coldstore & Logistics is the service provider for temperature-controlled storage. We can supply a full range of services in this field. Elsewhere on this site you will find detailed information about the various disciplines. In brief, we can assist you with everything you need to ensure the optimum flow for all your goods. From reception and inspection of products right through to all accompanying documents, import duty handling and export documents. In between, there are numerous other possibilities for repackaging, labelling or otherwise preparing your products for delivery to your customers or production departments. And everything takes place subject to strict monitoring of conditions and hygienic circumstances.


Johannes Petrus Beemsterboer, founding father of the Holding Beemsterboer, started trading in seed potatoes in 1943, at the age of just 18 years. The product range and the contacts over the border rapidly expanded. Shortly after the war, Beemsterboer was already trading with various companies in Europe, South America and Asia.

Refrigerated storage
As time went by, it proved essential for the trade in agricultural products to have refrigerated storage cells. This led in 1963 to the construction of the first coldstore in Harderwijk. As well as storing its own products, J.P.B. also rented out coldstore space to third parties. The cooling and freezing capacity in Harderwijk was expanded on several occasions, and in 1989, a new frozen products store was built in the port of Amsterdam.

Over the years, both the holding company Handelmaatschappij Beemsterboer, and Beemsterboer Coldstore Service have developed to form an independent and dynamic operator that has acquired a position for itself on the international market.
From the initial storage activities for the trading company in 1958, at the time still based in Warmenhuizen, Beemsterboer Coldstore Services has expanded rapidly and now has the status of expert in the field of refrigeration and freezing.
Over the years, the company has further specialised with a range of additional services. BCS is now for example also responsible for all import and export documentation.

An important step in expansion of the company was the new construction in 1998 of a number of modern frozen product stores in Harderwijk. The total storage space now exceeds 450,000 m3. As a whole, this means the company has specialised in the provision of logistic services for temperature-controlled products.

Recent developments
In 2004, one of the locations underwent a major renovation, making it suitable for use as European DC for production companies in Western and Eastern Europe.